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There’s been a major shift in the past few years as businesses have come to realise that price is no longer the influencing factor when it comes to where customers choose to do business.


In fact, research reveals that a staggering 61% of people have switched brands because of a poor experience, 89% of which move on to one of your competitors – regardless of price!


Now, as businesses come to realise that customer’s buying habits have changed, they are investing heavily in their customer’s experience. Core strategies are aimed at providing the customers with the best service possible at every point in their buying journey.


And rightly so! The statistics back up the need and clearly show that people don’t care whether or not you have the lowest price… they want to know you care about them.


To do this, you need to be crystal clear on their whole journey and make sure you’re supporting them throughout every interaction they have with your business.


Sounds easy, right? Well, not so much.


You may think you have your customer experience nailed, but certain things happen along the way that you may not be aware of. And unless you have a clear idea of exactly what your customer goes through from their initial contact with your business to the point of sale (and even afterwards!), you can’t guarantee you’re providing them with the best service every time.


Thankfully, a systemic approach called ‘customer journey mapping’ can help you identify these weak points and make sure you’re on track with your customers.


How do you create a customer journey map?

In simple terms, you have to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and experience it the way the customer would.


If you are operating from the inside, it can be a bit hard to see things in the same way your customers do. It is therefore important to step outside of your business and feel what they are feeling. It is only by doing this that you will create a journey that satisfies every customer’s needs.


Streamlines your business and makes you more efficient

The route your customers take has to make sense, it usually is crystal clear for you as the business owner… but is it for your customer?


Do your customers have to click multiple times or take 3 steps to a place when you only intended them to take 1?


Provides a deeper understanding of your customers

For you to understand your customer’s journey you need to understand your customers. This means you’re aware of their behaviours, desires and, more importantly, helps you identify what they don ‘t want.


Helps with goal setting

By having tangible evidence of what is and isn’t working in your customer’s journey, you know what you need to work on, remove or even include in the process going forward.


Allows you to sell more – the easy way!

So many businesses are focussed on lead generation and converting new customers that you forget your best customers are already right in front of you. Those who are currently buying, or have bought, from you.


By being clear on your customer’s journey you are building loyalty by ensuring they are having the best customer experience possible.


And as business continues to shift towards a more customer-centric approach, understanding your customers journey allows you to create a strategy that helps you stand out from your competitors and encourages your customers to return and buy from you again and again!


If you’d like some support in reviewing your customer journey or adding in tech and new systems to create a more streamlined approach then drop me a message here